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Enabling the Systems of the Future

From monolith and siloed to modular, reusable and interoperable Systems


Introducing a new development paradigm

Metachayn spread a Next Generation technology and software development paradigm based on the concept of “Smart Brick” a digital entity able to connect and activate the interoperability between Microservices, APIs Ecosystem, Legacy systems, Aggregators, Machineries to build the System of Future


A hybrid Business Model

Metachayn opens-up an Innovation Community, a Development Environment and a Digital Smart-Brick Store enabled by blockchain Utility Token features, but based on traditional Business Model (FIAT payments)


A game-changer

Metachayn is a disruptive game-changer transforming the way distributed System and their components are developed, executed, shared, and marketed. It provides a blockchain-based interoperability solution that uses modular, reusable components, Smart Bricks, to enable sharing of applications, algorithms and data within and between enterprises.

Metachayn™ opens up a smart bricks digital marketplace

In the marketplace, developers from all over the world can sell their innovative products, designed on the base of the Metachayn™ Open Development Environment, from the simplest to the most complex ones that expose entire key solutions in hand. The marketplace promotes and supports developers to create new smart bricks to meet all the needs of companies and make the technology offered on the market scalable and accessible.