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Creating a smart bricks digital marketplace

To share and expand the enormous potential of the new development paradigm

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A globally shared library of smart bricks

Metachayn opens up to the global community a democratic digital market characterized by new opportunities in which independent developers and technological startups can release and sell their Applications, Algorithms and Data (based on Smart Bricks, combination of Smart Bricks or conveyed by Smart Bricks). At the same time, companies in any sector, from pharmaceuticals to real estate, to global multinationals and small to medium-sized ones, can satisfy, with a continuous open innovation approach, the technological needs of interoperability also in a perspective of enabling new business models even oriented to sustainability, a fast-growing interest to ethical business.

The Metachayn Innovation Community

The Metachayn Innovation Community, thanks to a social networking technology featured with a patented machine learning algorithm that understand and recommend relevant resources to accelerate collaboration, learning, open innovation, needs scouting and sales is open to free-lance Developers, Startups, Global Corporate, Local Enterprise, Public Government.

Metachayn™ Marketplace is the way in which Clients reach out to a globally shared Library of Bricks, each implementing a specific capability, from the simplest ones to the more complex ones exposing whole turn-key Solutions.

In addition to providing a way to categorize, describe, document, and make Smart Bricks searchable, the Marketplace offers specific services to promote, advertise, and push Smart Bricks to potential clients.

The Marketplace, even thanks to Metachayn™ Innovation Community, is an occasion for them to ask for specific solutions to the community of developers that, in this way, can be engaged in the realization of Smart Bricks for which there is already a market demand.

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