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More than a Marketplace

Metachayn is a new technology to build modular and horizontally connected applications leveraging the potentialities of distributed ledgers

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From the problem...

The phases of Software development, especially in large organizations, follow the same processes by 40 Years. Applications are developed with a "Silos" approach by competence that means very high integration costs to get interoperability. A new horizontal approach to Software development and distribution is needed.

...to the Solution

Metachayn, in response to the need, spreads a new Software Development Paradigm, based on the concept of Smart Bricks, opening and ruling an Innovation Community and a Digital Interoperable Market.

A sophisticated methodology for developing, connecting and sharing applications, algorithms and data horizontally, overcoming the isolation entailed by the “Silos” approach and enabling interoperability, adopting all types of Blockchain to rule interactions and release Solutions.

The Ecosystems of the Future

Breaking down digital barriers and connect business and operating processes

Metachayn is a new technology and software paradigm that was expressly developed to address the interoperability challenges ecosystems face and better support their needs. Supply chains, smart cities, healthcare systems, and virtually any other type of company or organization all exist within technological ecosystems and various actors that need to interact with speed, certainty, and efficiency. Metachayn has the privilege of collaborating with Futuryng in the construction of technological Ecosystems (Healthcare, Safety, Satellite, etc.) and in the release of IT-IoT Systems, activities in which Futuryng has been working with excellent results for several years.

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