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What is possible to achieve with Metachayn™

The potential use cases are wide and cross-industry

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A pratical example

Try to imagine a Production Plant that wants to transfer real-time its production data to an insurance company in order to obtain a personalized Manufacturer Insurance; or a Global Corporate that wants to certify its incoming and outgoing invoicing global data to transfer them to a bank with the aim of obtaining a global distributed loan; or a pharmaceutical company that wants to certify its own production to communicate to the authority in real-time with not editable information or several Distributed Solutions for many global actors.

Equipment providers

Hardware and field systems suppliers can join and adopt the Metachayn paradigm to ease the adoption of their equipment making them natively interoperable inside the Metachayn world; publishing their Adapter Bricks inside the Metachayn Marketplace; accessing de facto to new sales channels; allowing customers and system integrators to integrate as standard composable Bricks quickly. This is a no-lock-in option for equipment producers since they can anyway continue to follow consolidated sales and integration processes and in parallel offer the same technologies as Metachayn Bricks. It also offers customers and system integrators self-consistent, high-level Bricks, complete with out-of-the-box capabilities of remote configuration; centralized software upgrade; connectable algorithms and even composable user interfaces.

Software developers & Startups

Software developers and Startups can continue to sell their product as always, and at the same time enabling a parallel sales channel for promoting, integrating and selling their solutions as Smart Bricks, while inheriting all the benefits that are available "by design" for every Metachayn Brick. 18 They can wrap inside Metachayn Bricks software developed outside the Metachayn world and can also develop them from scratch using standard development tools to connect with other systems; implement proprietary business logic as Automatons; realize user interfaces. This is true for algorithm providers (e.g. AI, machine learning, data analysis), vertical solutions providers (e.g. MES, ERP, CRM, electronic checklist management, time planning, warehouse management, survey managers), visualization technology providers (e.g. smart UI widgets, data visualization systems, input form generators), etc.

Human-Machine Interface manufacturers

Every company who has in its portfolio a human-machine interface system of any kind, be they hardware, software or a mix of the two (e.g., mobile communicators, smart paneling systems, physical cockpits, AR solutions, voice control systems, NPL processors, chatbots, pointing devices) can be proposed as a Metachayn Brick inside Metachayn Marketplace. Similarly to what a developer can do, HMI providers can simply wrap their own technologies developed outside; develop from scratch their logic and UI using Metachayn development tools and anyway decide to implement new capabilities at any moment with the same tools.

Sensors and actuators manufacturers

Like HMI manufacturers, they can use Metachayn services as a parallel sales and marketing channel, use its development and interoperability tools while maintaining their independence and autonomy without any kind of vendor/technology lock-in imposed by Metachayn.

System Integrators and Consulting company

They can sell single parts or complete solutions available inside the Metachayn Marketplace; compose them to create new semi-finished or turn-key solutions; sell consulting services; find and cooperate with temporary partners and even model customer actionable processes and workflows using the tools offered by the Metachayn paradigm.

Hospitals and clinical structures

One of the main areas of application where it is easy to see the advantages of Metachayn is the healthcare area, where data security is a fundamental requirement. Metachayn introduces their own operational connectivity technology creating a "Virtual environment" distributed among the hospital, the patient's home, the rehabilitation facilities, etc., where each device produces data which are part of a wider and distributed network linked over time to a patient. With this hyper-connectivity, it is, therefore, possible to monitor and analyze data generated by multiple sources in order to provide a global view of his state of health, help to formulate a predictive diagnosis and immediately put in place adequate solutions. In this, Metachayn becomes fundamental also to ensure the privacy of patients and the security of data stored. Leveraging DLTs, it can ensure the immutability of important files where a Smart brick is storing all information about all the accesses and actions, creating a detailed historical record of what has happened. In this way, Metachayn is able to immediately detect an unexpected behavior that might be due to a cyber attack and immediately protect the system by isolating it from the Internet and the outside world; then it promptly notifies the responsible operators of the event.

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